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With water in my veins, my inspirations started with fashion, traveling and scuba diving. Through blood, sweat and tears, my mom and dad, both creative directors, have taught me what making it in this industry looks like. Growing up in photo studios, working with models, stylists and photographers- I learned how to always find the best angle, the importance of curating my own style and capturing moments in between the planned. 

I started my own photography business in high school. Convinced that there were clearer seas ahead, I moved to California, seeking a school with an underwater program. I attended and received my BFA for Photography at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA. Taking a drive down the coast, I now call Los Angeles home, but due to my fear of staying in one place for too long and being a strong believer that travel is the only thing you can buy that will make you richer- please leave a message after the beep.